Westbourne Chronicle 15th March

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  1. Rayyan Ali says:

    The ferocious lion ate me for his tea party yesterday.

  2. Rayyan Ali says:

    The cobalt pixies were hunting for the golden Easter egg

  3. Jinghua He says:

    One day, I practiced shooting. It was fun and amazing.

  4. Rayyan Ali says:

    My maple egg grew into a ferocious but cute bird.

  5. Ava P Derwent Y5 says:

    Great blog! Here is my 10 word story!Hope you like it!

    It began raining. To my horror, the rain was blood.


  6. Geeyong Han Y5 says:

    Once there was a gold coin that ate my underwear!

  7. Jinghua He says:

    My PC grew legs and came running into my room.

  8. Rayyan Ali says:

    I said to the teacher,” The dog at my homework.”

  9. Jinghua He says:

    I said to Miss Mehta, ‘Why do you have hair?’

  10. manali sanghvi derwent class says:

    Cinderella married a handsome prince because a shoe fit her

    Alladin came to meet and to then marry princess jasmine

    snow white got poisoned and got saved by a prince

    something red was trickling down my cheek and it was blood

  11. Jinghua He says:

    One day I went to the park. It was fun.

  12. Prithvi y5 says:

    Once upon a time, a gold coin stole my coin

  13. Rayyan Ali says:

    The Easter bunny pooped out the yummiest jelly beans ever.

  14. Ava P Derwent Y5 says:

    World book day was great! I came dressed as a Brazilian beetle from the Brazilian folk tale ‘how the Brazilian beetle got it’s coat’. Well done everyone, all the costumes were great! πŸ˜€

  15. Jinghua He says:

    β€œShrek was an ogre who saved and married a princess.”

  16. Rayyan Ali says:

    To my horror, a werewolf sat in front of me…

  17. Jinghua He says:

    It began raining disks. I realised it was’ Puny Earthlings’

  18. Rayyan Ali says:

    My breathing was now hoarse, is this it the apocalypse???

  19. Ishita year 5 Derwent class says:

    I liked this blog especially when you interviewed Miss Cameron and put cool pictures Emily, Isabella, Sabrin and Selena.For world book day I dressed up as the queen of hearts( which is not my favorite book charater) while most of my class dressed up as animals.

  20. Jinghua He says:

    Rayyan came to my house for my house for lunch

  21. Jinghua He says:


  22. Archie Lauder says:

    the vast space ship launched into the bright starlit sky.



  24. Theo Lock says:

    a man ate a sandwich at a five star remonstrant
    a alien when on a space craft to eat

  25. Jinghua He says:


  26. Rayyan Ali says:

    Suddenly, a loud bang came from the kitchen, then silence…

  27. Theo Lock says:

    a man ate a sandwich in a five star remonstrant

  28. Archie Lauder says:

    i was exploring the jungle until i found a dinosaur.

  29. Theo Lock says:

    a scared a great goal in football i love it

  30. Isabella says:

    Bob looked puzzled as he stared at his maths test

  31. TANVI SINGH says:

    The show was fabulous; the leading lady would be his… forever!

  32. crout says:

    My 10 word story/moral
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Don’t judge people and animals by their looks.
    9 10
    The End!

  33. lic says:

    ten worded story:

    once there was a boy and found a green spaceship

    THE END!

  34. silvb says:

    Bruno was a brave knight that lived in a castle

  35. qurer says:

    the River Thames was fantastic

  36. srikr says:

    I came as a grasshopper on world book day!

  37. crout says:

    Another 10 worded moral

    Love people for who they are including you.

    Your amazing!

  38. dunnt says:

    my 10 letter word story

    once a man was in the forest then he died!

  39. kimr says:

    My 10 word challenge
    Once, there was a dog who had a happy life.

  40. collj says:

    this is my 10 word sentence

    Jessica is a beautiful girl with blond hair and eyes

  41. crout says:

    All these chronicles about Westbourne are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. baila says:

    Aaron was a brave person that helps people in distress

  43. mughz says:

    A boy was happy beacause he had a new dog

  44. ahmes1 says:

    A boy was hungry that`s why he ate scrumptious food.

  45. Finley Ketterer says:

    Very hungry Mr.Dixon ate a fat fluffy white sad chicken.

  46. burra says:

    I was an armadillo for world book day πŸ™‚

  47. dalyn says:

    i really liked alfies costume on world book day well done alfie

  48. lutup says:

    My answer for the competition:
    The Gingerbread Man ran but was eaten by a fox!

  49. Kajeen Thavaneshan says:

    Ten Word Story Competition-
    The pigs devised an ingenious plan to learn to fly.

  50. thavk says:

    Ten Word Story Competition-
    The pigs devised an ingenious plan to learn to fly.

  51. kissa says:

    Ten Word story
    Wandle class went on a trip to river thames

  52. gauta says:

    ten word story competiton by aditri

    Jane commented that she loves art but hates maths ,science

  53. gauta says:

    i dressed up as a bunny for word book day as we made our own folk tale and i loved it as bunnies are my favourite animal.

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