Westbourne Chronicle 8th February

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  1. Tabitha Crouch says:

    My teacher is Miss Aves and I went to the choir!

  2. podmc says:

    In a mysterious wood, a wrecked house stood on its hinges as lonely as a cow in a huge field. The house seemed odd but intriguing as I walked inside. There was pictures, weird wretched pictures. My heart- beating as fast as a cheetah -felt all but happy. This house was haunted.

  3. Manali Derwent class says:


    Any person to step in this house will feel too frightened to take one more step. in the middle of the long corridors, you will be on the verge of either shrieking or weeping uncontrollably. Your heart will beat like a drum, about to explode.

    In the hallways, old and dusty pictures hang on the walls. They stare at you, turning their pupils straight at you. The bats flutter above you , making you scream as they soar away like lightning. In front of you, the ghosts are rushing through the ripped walls.

    You hear ear-deafening noises. They make you cover your ears and yell that you want them to exit this haunted house. You can hear the : cackling of vampires, wolves howling as they catch a glimpse of the full moon, but you also hear the sound of barking behind you. You run…

  4. Geeyong H Derwent Y5 says:

    Interesting News! I was part of the O2 choir and it was the BEST!!!
    Here is my spooky setting!

    Rain poured down, trying to drown the world with its uncontrollable ferocity. The furious, ominous wind blew across the ground, trying to pull the harsh undergrowth out of its roots. The tattered, lichen-covered house ahead, stood, buffeted by the relentless howling of the wind. The house had demolished “windows”, pitch black curtains splattered with red and peeling violet wallpaper. The torn ceiling caved in and blocked the entrance. Then the eerie cobalt light went out.

    Geeyong H

  5. Ava P Derwent Y5 says:

    Great Blog! I took part in the O2 choir and it was great (and tiring!)
    Here is my spooky setting!

    Rain fell down as soon as it was created, falling like birds from the sky. The trees were hardly trees at all, but thin wires sprouting from the ground. The grass was stained brown from too much rain, and the mansion ahead covered almost the whole park. The windows were smashed, with black curtains torn from the uncontrolled wind. The bricks were hard to see under thick layers of moss and ivy, with uneven cracks everywhere. The oil lamps proved it was very old, and the birch wood table, once old and grand, was nothing but a scrap of wood. The demolished dark purple wallpaper was peeling, revealing large holes in the wall. The oil lamp, untouched, produced a strange, ice blue light. The corners were painted with thick, ghastly white cobwebs, holding the remains of flies and dust. At the foot of the wall was a portrait of a girl, standing wearing a black and red dress, her eyes a dull black. The painting stood awkwardly, looking as if it was about to collapse. The floorboards were uneven, squealing under every footstep, before they cracked and fell into an endless ravine of darkness, before the unknown light faded away.

    Ava P

  6. Selena says:

    !!!Please enter the competition

  7. singt says:

    I wandered lonely through the towering oaks and I saw in the distance a scrappy run down cottage. A tree with branches likearthritic fingerstowered around it. This cottage looked like no-one hadbeen there for thousands of years .It stood in a dark,misty, mysterious, spooky forest. The house stands coiled between trees and it had minor fragments of glass shattered on ground.As I scuttled forward it I touched the door and it collapsed. So I tip toed with my heart in my throat. My thoughts and fears now started to spiral around my confused head like a dangerous whirlpool and I was absolutely petrified. As I stood still bats flew at me like jumbo jets.I stared to explore.I crept into the garden it was like an over grown rain forest. The garden gate was hanging off its hinges.As I raced forward the ground in the house was green with mould and so were the walls. As I was getting hypnotised into going deeper in the ghostly house you could hear a dim moaning and it got louder and louder. We were in the room with a screeching ghost which smelt like a dead rodent. There he was starring at me was a bony,ragged old man.

  8. kimr says:

    i cant believe Miss Aves been to 42 countrys

  9. jackd says:

    the o2 was really fun I would like to go again
    next year
    it is really fantastic sMILY face

  10. srikr says:

    I didn’t know that you had a dog called Jasper and two fish, Miss Aves !

  11. metcj says:

    my ten word challenge
    once there was a dog who was a happy dog

  12. meshe says:

    i went to the 02 choir as well. it was really fun

  13. gauta says:

    o2 brilliant doing it for 3 years in a row . fun

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