Westbourne Chronicle 1st February

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  1. burra says:

    I liked it 🙂

  2. burra says:

    it is all very interesting 😉

  3. Raabia says:

    The haunted house was full of ghouls and ghosts. The petrified ghosts scared people out of the house with their scary oooooooh music which caused an earthquake. They all panicked with terror. Aghast devils with scary looking faces were terifying and frightening the visitors our of the haunted house. Hideous monsters with slimy faces that constantly dripped appeared randomly and spooked everyone out of the house. Now everyone is putting up signs “do not go to this house it is very oppresive,”.

  4. Emily Watson says:

    The Haunted House
    The jet black trees loomed over a dark abandoned house. The moon was the only light in the dark forest. The only thing you could hear was the long, dead grass vigorously being chucked around in the strong wind. Until, when midnight struck, tap, tap, tap, footsteps were coming from inside the house. Wolves started howling at the full moon shinning bright, blackbirds squawking in the dead trees. The tapping got louder and louder until all was silent.

    • phoebus says:

      The Haunted House.
      The foreboding house loomed over me. Bones jutted out of the windows and wolves were howling nearby. Old, antique clocks ticked as quietly as a mouse. Tar-black tiles acquired a nasty greenish sheen and the stench of the ground were like the scattered, rotting intestines and livers of a squirrel. Pallid rats dripped crimson blood as bats fought over them, doing a bloodcurdling screech over the valley,leaving me wondering why nobody heard- everyone hates bats! Unearthly elms reached out with their corpse-like spikes. The silver moon glistened, watching me with an evil grin… waiting for my next move…

  5. phoebus says:

    Just saying Emily, it is ‘shining’, not ‘shinning’.

  6. baila says:

    I realy liked reading the text

  7. qurer says:

    Glad you like mine

  8. mughz says:

    Like yours Raabia

  9. lic says:

    There was an abandoned,haunted house which the floor creeks and the wind gushed.

  10. nockl says:

    The Haunted House
    This page is amazing!

  11. crout says:

    The Haunted House (The Poem)

    The Haunted house was full of ghost’s and ghoul’s,
    A house you’ve never heard of before
    Frankenstein JUST wanted more and MORE!
    SEE, a house you’ve never heard of before.

    The swaying trees were pitch black like night,
    If you dare went near it’ll give you a FRIGHT!

    THE END!!!!

  12. Arshiya sing says:

    One spooky night,there was one abandoned,gloomy,haunted house .Petrified ghouls and ghosts flying around scaring the children out with ooooooooooh melody .The wind gushed in the house of doom as the children left it open .Hideous monsters with bloody faces which dripped on the floor leaving stains!!!!

  13. silvb says:

    Far in the depths of rainbow land a croocked wooden house there was a………………Gohost ! a man was to curious and he went in but he never came back to be continued.

  14. ausmd says:

    Haunted House
    AT NIGHT…The haunted house petrified people with blood stained curtains and dreadful zombies stalking you,ghosts flying in the air,devils guarding the houses arch doors, trees rustling in the dark with red devil grass whistling in the moonlight

  15. hymad says:

    In The Moonlight The Haunted House Was alive With HORROR’S Creeping Up The creaky Steps Ghosts Making Creepy sound’s but nothing is seen Zombie’s Rising From The Grave Yard

  16. Arshiya S says:

    One spooky night, there was a deserted, gloomy, and haunted house looking in the darkness with its shadow covering the whole path. The ghouls and ghosts frightened the little, petrified children with a oooooooooooooh!!! Hideous monsters with melted faces of blood left stains on the floor! The wind gushed in the house with a swish as the children left it open. The trees loomed over the most scariest house in the town. The venomous spiders crept on the monsters shoulders as their pets.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. I, myself was there. a very interesting event aswell as fabulous songs we sang at laest 15 songs. It WAS THE BEST!

  18. Nadifa says:

    Beyond the towering nightmarish wall, there lay a horrifying scene of terror. Trees that strongly resembled crouching devils stood silently inviting any unsuspecting passersby. Unaware of the dark magic surrounding the crumbling mansion, many daredevils venture in, brave and bold, until the door slams shut behind them.Many ghosts and ghouls lurked in the pitch black darkness. Will they come out? I hope…

  19. baila says:

    One spooky night there was a ghost called bruno silva and was very spooky

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