Westbourne Chronicle 18th December

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32 Responses to Westbourne Chronicle 18th December

  1. Isabella says:

    I hope you enjoy the blog!

  2. lenna says:

    Really good chronicle!!! My brother loves it as well and my mum reads it to my sister!!!! This must have taken you forever!

  3. ffrec1 says:

    Really good! I’m going to get my siblings to read this amazing piece of work you did spend a lot of time on!! When your next chronicle comes out I will definitely read it some time. AMAZING work (round of a applause).

  4. dayj says:

    All the performances were BRILLIANT as well as the Chronicle itself !!

  5. massa says:

    The Red Riding Hood concert was brill I was in it

  6. philp1 says:

    great blog

  7. yiree says:

    nice goin

  8. watse says:

    cool blog about all the performances around Christmas well done girls

  9. lius says:

    I like the blog its rlly good and nice work! 🙂

  10. boors says:

    yes I am in matter of fact this is brilliant

  11. chanc says:

    Loved it. Loved all the Christmas things. Everybody was SO good.

  12. podmc says:

    SOOOOOOO GOOD!! I love it!!
    really enjoyed my xmas production!
    the others were AMAZING too!

    =] ;]

  13. hughe says:

    Great work! I couldn’t help but smile while reading this. Hope you had a great Christmas!

  14. ingrs says:

    It was so much fun doing the performance

  15. carpl says:

    TYM was the best ever trip of my life, I wish I can go again.

  16. mechc says:

    well done, this is an awesome blog! it shows just how much fun we had at Christmas!

  17. yuila says:

    Mr Booth?
    Drama therapist?
    Who knew?

  18. dinea says:

    Cool !! amazing . I loved every play

  19. phoebus says:

    Yeah. Pretty cool/epic. \_(‘-‘)_/

  20. pappa says:

    The Haunted House (The Poem)
    The haunted is filled with creepy crawling spiders and devils fighting!

  21. Diya says:

    I will let my siblings read this!

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