Westbourne Chronicle 30th November

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  1. Geeyong says:

    Great issue! Here is my book review:
    Percy Jackson and the lightning thief is my book.

    Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is a fictional book that revolves around the world of Greek myths. What I like about the book is that it teaches boys and girls of all ages about the Greek myths while entertaining them with funny quips and jokes. This book is set in a modern world with lots and I mean LOTS of Greek monsters. This book reminds me of Magnus Chase because: They are by the same author, Magnus chase has Viking gods and they both are set in the modern world with mythical monsters. I would most definitely recommend this book to a friend because the storyline is very interlocking and the different mythical characters are very interesting to read about. Overall, This is a fantastic book filled with wonder.

  2. Ava P says:


  3. felsh says:

    Nice idea of year6 at Sutton life centre

  4. tates says:

    great idea showing school trips an it wants everyone who reads it want to go

  5. bakem says:

    I like the bit about Miss Craig! Very funny!

  6. ashre says:

    I would love to go quad biking one day but I am in year 6.

  7. cichj says:

    Wish I could go . I guess it was awesome!

  8. jackd says:

    realy brilliant idea to go here it looks really fun
    eaven the archery I would really like to go there one day.

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