Westbourne Chronicle 22nd June

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  1. Carys Dyer says:

    I would of loved to get first class and know what it is like but I did not, sadly. The thing that I loved, was that it was the shortest trip to Australia ever. I would like to go to Australia every time and it be that short!

  2. chans says:

    How fun it was! I loved the bit when we watched videos on YouTube. It was so awesome .

  3. balla says:

    It was awesome because it felt like I was really going on a plane. My favourite part was going through security.

  4. mitcp says:

    Wow what a AMAZING! day. I want to do that again and all of us went to Jamaica it was great. The best part was when we took off. πŸ™‚ what a brilliant day.

  5. rajit says:

    I loved the trip to Jamaica! I wished I went there for real life. My best bit was when I had cookies!

  6. garcl says:

    Wow airport day was amazing. My favourite part was when we where in the airplane and … WHEN WE HAD BISCUITS of course. It was so fun thank you westbourne.

  7. bylem says:

    I had fun on airport day because it felt like I was going for real.

  8. blats says:

    Airport Day was amazing and it felt like I was on a real plane. The day we flew to Jamaica was amazing and I can’t believe First Class got chocolate biscuits. My favourite part was eating biscuits.

  9. Arshiya sing says:

    I had a very fun time and I went to Jamaica. On the aeroplane it felt like I was really going to Jamaica. I had an AMAZING trip. Luckily my luggage didn’t get lost but some other peoples had got lost. It really wasn’t lost, it was in the fun bus!

  10. nazar says:

    It was epic and cool because it felt like I was really going to Jamaica. Also it felt like I was going to fly when we sat on the plane. My favourite part was watching the films at the beginning of the flight. In the end I was on Jamaica.

  11. Evan says:

    Airport day was fantastic! I got a first class seat and before the flight I ran through security checks. It all felt so real! My favourite part was when I found out I was getting a First Class seat.

  12. ausmd says:

    I love airport day because we got to eat chocolate biscuits in the plane! I want airport day to come again in year 3!
    What a amazing day that was!:)

  13. applc says:

    It was amazing because we went to Jamaica and we met a real pilot.

  14. steex says:

    That was great. It felt like we were going to jamacia . We got to eat biscuits it was great πŸ™‚

  15. hassn says:

    I was so happy that I was in first class b. I also liked that the first class people got a chocolate biscuit and they also got a plastic cup inside was blackcurrent. And we ate Jamaican food it was rice and chicken the drinks were ginger beer and mango juice.

  16. ffrec says:

    I liked airport day because we were flying to Jamaica. It felt like I was really flying on a plane. I had a great time. We even got to eat biscuits ! Some people were in first class. I was unlucky but I still enjoyed it . It was great! I love airport day because it is so much fun.

  17. Zhihan says:

    I liked my flight because I was picked First class! I can’t believe I got picked for that! I loved the Juice and the chocolate biscuit. I saw that the fun bus was the luggage reclaim. I was going to Jamaica to go to the Seaside and swim.

  18. dunnl says:

    The trip to Jamaica was AMAZING! I wish I could do that again. The teachers were dressed in different clothes like the people at the airport. If you were in first class you got cookies and a wine glass with blackcurrant as wine. The best part was when I went on the plane. πŸ™‚

  19. steex says:


  20. mitcp says:

    Thanks Westbourne so much πŸ™‚

  21. nockl says:

    At Jamaica I was AMAZED I couldn’t believe my eyes. I loved it and we ate Jamaican food. We ate chocolate biscuits and galaxy chocolate bar. Then we ate chicken in Jamaica and we had mango juice.

    • collj says:

      i know it was amazing i loved all the food i wish we could go back to that day I KNOW LETS DO IT AGAIN jocking but that would be really cool to do an other one

  22. sunz says:

    Airport day was good.Also I liked the biscits and it was the best day ever.I also like the ride.

  23. kimy says:

    I was exited.I thought I was going in real life that day.

  24. collj says:

    It was a FUN day when we went to Jamaica :).I like pretending to go on holiday because it felt like I was taking off.I have never went on an airplane and if I go on an airplane I will no what it feels like.Thank you teachers.

  25. ausmd says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    It was great!

    By Lily ❀️

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Westbourne so much! I loved it and why did the teachers put some suitcases in the fun buss ?

    By Lily Mersey

  28. Emily.S says:

    I would like to just say thank you to all of the teachers (especially Mr. Booth) that contributed to this fabulous day. I was a first class passenger and enjoyed it so much since I got a chocolate biscuit and a glass of mock wine. I can’t choose a favourite part because the whole day was just wonderful!!

  29. chans says:

    I was a bit exited when I saw juice but it was for first class.It was so fun but someone lost their suitcase.

  30. Samantha says:

    I had an amazing time when I went to Jamaica but sadly I didn’t get first class! πŸ™ My favourite part was when I got a biscuit because it was delicious! What a fantastic day I had!! The only bad part was my suitcase got lost! If I went again, I would like to visit another country.

  31. Samantha chan says:

    I had an amazing day.When we got on the plane I didn’t get a drink because I wasn’t in first class.What an amazing day it was!All the year 2 children were flying to a very hot country called Jamaica. Unfortunely my suitcase got lost in the luggage area.I was really excited when I was on my way from the plane.But when we got there I was boiling hot and I wanted to put m
    my suncream on.If I could go to any other country I would go to Australia to see how cold it is there and I would go to France
    to learnsome more french.

  32. Caitlin says:

    I loved airport day and I especially liked the part when we got to take our shoes of while we where going through the security check. It was really funny when some people lost their suitcases but luckily they found them again!

  33. tabitha wandle says:

    I loved the trip to Jamaica it was awesome on the plane.BEST day ever!!!I love Westbourne!Thanks SCHOOL

  34. Andrew .y says:

    I loved our trip to Jamaica because we felt like on a real plane!()

  35. rayan says:

    I had a lovely time . I wish I was first class. I loved the biscuits because they were so tasty.

  36. Annie says:

    I like the trip to kidzania but I wasn’t first seat I was on the second seat we went to Jamaica it was a fantastic day I . Unfortunately I lost my suitcase we went to security it was just like a real day at the airport we even had our passport.My favorite thing to do is everything . Suddenly,I found my suitcase

  37. Annie xiu says:

    I had a good time in my life because it’s my first time to be in a airport .
    Sadly,I didn’t get first class but I had a cookie and it was delicious I had to go to security and passport but it wasn’t even real. Next, I put my suitcase in the property and we needed our shoes off.It was funny when our suitcase was lost because it was in the fun bus.
    After,we ate Jamaica food .There was rice with veg in it and Jamaica drinks it was delicious to eat.

  38. Annie xiu says:

    I had a good time in my life because it was like I was on a real airport。❀️

  39. Sammy Sharp says:

    I had a fantastic day at the Westbourne airport. Sadly I didn’t get first class. Passport control and security were my favourite bits and travelling to Jamaica.

  40. Sky Ketterer says:

    Thank you Mr.Booth!!!

  41. Aishwarya says:

    I had so much fun when it was airport day but unfortunely I did not get fist class .When we climbed abored we had a
    biscuit it was so yummy.When we arrived to hot,sunny Jamaica.I will say thank you to all the techers because they done so much hard work to make are day wonderfull.I love you Westbourne.

  42. Annie xiu says:

    I have a feeling that this is my first time on a airport flight

  43. Annie says:

    I liked airport day because it was so exciting but I cried a lot because my daddy didn’t bring my suitcase.We went to security and control but sadly I didn’t get first class and I even got to eat a cookie and it was so delicious we was traveling to a hot
    country called Jamaica There was mangos,coconuts with green jelly inside and sugarcakes after that we need to get our suitcase by the luggage area afterwards we ate Jamaican food yum.then we went to class to do work.It was an automatic day at airport and our number at the airport was 501wb I wish I could go back to there and be on first class and get wine and cookie when I go back I want to go to to see the torrests and animals even when I go back I want to go to Scotland to see if there is a president is there and to see there animal but it was going to be an eating one and how to learn there language I even want to go to to eat there food if it is so delicious and animals there launguage and there weather if it is not cold。

  44. collj says:

    i remeber that day i loved it i wish i could go back to that day πŸ˜‰

  45. gauta says:

    airport day was brilliant going to china was brilliant you go the experience of actually going there i love it a lot

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