Westbourne Chronicle 26th May

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  1. Emily Rogers says:

    My spooky story- Amelia’s Tennis Ball
    Once upon a time there was a girl called Amelia and she was playing with a tennis ball. Suddenly, her tennis ball jumped out of her hands and ran into the so called ‘haunted forest’ nextdoor so, as any other girl would she sprinted into the forest and she started to look for her ball. Amelia ran further and further until she came to the centre of the forest and she saw her tennis ball at the top of the tallest tree. She climbed for half an hour until she got half way up and she had a rest before she carried on climbing. Meanwhile the evil elf who lived in that tree was using his hidden cameras to spy on Amelia and he managed to trip her up with a branch which was actually an old piece of robot. Amelia plunged hundreds of feet because she was so high up when she fell. Amelia’s parents thought she had disappeared but unfortunately Amelia had already hit the ground at that time. The evil elf from the tree Amelia was climbing called all his other mischevious elf pals out to see what he had done to the poor girl. Thankfully, Amelia’s parents ( Jackson and Jacqueline) had just seen their daughter on the ground and ran to help her, they owned a paintball shop so they brought some paintball guns. Amelia’s parents were highly trained and shot and severely injured all of the evil elves in about twenty seconds flat (a new personal record for both of them)and they just managed to save their daughter and get her tennis ball using their karate skills ( they were also part time karate teachers). Amelia was saved ,although she was grounded because she had been warned not to go into the haunted forest nextdoor as the exact same thing had happened the week before!
    By Emily Rogers.

  2. Carys Dyer says:

    Spooky story – One spooky night Mr Mint is sitting on a halloween night and 1 creepy ghost goes behind Mr Mint and says Boo! “AH!”, Mr Mint runs, runs, runs until he is stuck in a corner, the ghost goes in Mr Mints brain and squeezes it . Then the ghost comes out and takes off his costume and it is just Mr Mint’s dad and Mr Mint is confused.

  3. verna1na nom Im ok lp xxx huhuk g says:

    If you put your shoes on they
    make you higher if you put your
    coat you would get lower.

    hope you enjoyed it

    from Abinaya vernu

  4. verna1na nom Im ok lp xxx huhuk g says:

    Amazing animals!
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  5. gauta says:

    There once lived a woman named dolyvane, she was a rich and lovely woman one day her husband deserted her and she turned evil she died years and now her spirit lives any good couple is now haunted and tortured by her.

  6. gauta says:

    p.s that story isnt real guys i just made it up

  7. gauta says:

    good story abinaya that caught my attention a lot, it makes me feel like it might actually happen to me.

  8. gauta says:

    sorry my comment duplicated

  9. gauta says:

    a horror story
    dedicated to my father ideas

    there once lived a pineapple pastry called pp extreme he was sweet and full of sugar one day someone steps on him and squeezess all the sugar out of him , he turns evil because of this any sugary item is now squeezed until it is penetrated with screams of i am sour. to this day o one hasseen him anyone who refuses to do what he demands is found petrified in the morning

  10. gauta says:

    was funny to start with

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